Colombia awards licenses in solar- dominated electricity transaction

Colombia awards licenses in solar- dominated electricity transaction
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BOGOTA, Feb 16( Reuters)- Colombia’s government has awarded new licenses for electricity generating systems, to increase capacity by 4,489 megawatts in 2027 and 2028, the Ministry of Mines and Energy said on Friday.
 The transaction assigned 99 of the new capacity to solar shops, the ministry said in a statement, while the remaining 1 went to thermal biomass shops, repairing a gas factory, erecting a biomass factory and expanding a lowerbio-gas factory.
 The ending price of the transaction was$18.20 per megawatt hour, the ministry added. It didn’t reveal the names of the companies awarded licenses.
” With this transaction, as ofDec. 1, 2027, the fresh effective net capacity of the electrical system is anticipated be 4,489 MW, of which 48 MW are thermal and 4,441 MW are solar,” the ministry said.
 Solar power will catch thermal in Colombia’s energy matrix as a result of the transaction, counting for 26 of the country’s electricity, the ministry said. Hydroelecticity’s place in the matrix will fall from 66 to 50, it added.
” With these results, and with systems that are on the way with firm energy commitments, our energy matrix in net effective capacity for the( grid) will go from 20 GW to 26 GW,” Minister of Mines and Energy Andres Camacho said in a communication on X, formerly Twitter.
 Colombia will now prepare an transaction simply for renewable energy systems, Camacho added.
 The government of leftist President Gustavo Petro is pushing for Colombia to stop being so reliant on fossil energies, especially oil painting and coal, which are major exports and sources of income for the country.
 numerous wind and solar energy systems have suffered lapses due to resistance from communities and expostulations from some environmental authorities.
 In early December, Colombia launched its first bidding round for coastal wind concessions.